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miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

Pink Fisheye Camera for Valentine’s Day


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vía GeekAlerts de Robert Birming el 3/02/10

The popular Fisheye camera from Lomography, the company behind produtcs such as the Diana Multi Pinhole Camera and the LOMO Lubitel 166+ Camera, has now been released in a new pink edition in time for Valentine's Day.

The world's greatest compact Fisheye camera is back in pink! Like its brother the regular Fisheye No.2, the fete blanche of Fisheye photography comes with an incredible 180-degree wide-angle view, stunning fisheye barrel distortion, a bulb setting for long exposures and a switch for multiple exposures on the same frame.

The Pink Fisheye has the ability to fire both a hot shoe flash and the built-in flash, as well as sporting a true fisheye viewfinder, and the "full metal jacket" body treatment. With this arsenal, the possibilities for your Fisheye lomography are endless! Uses normal 35mm film that can be developed anywhere.

Product Description

  • Special edition camera!
  • 180° of Fisheye distortion!
  • Creates fun circular images on a regular print – normal processing.
  • 35mm Fisheye camera with built-in flash and standard hotshoe attachment
  • Multiple exposure switch and long exposure function
  • Premium quality Japanese Fisheye lens
  • Full metal jacket body detail

The Fisheye No 2 Pink Edition is available from the Lomography Shop for €80 ($112).


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